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Desktop Applications

Since last few years, we have ach-ieved success in performing different types of desktop applications for our overseas and domestic clients. Desktop applications refer to various self-contained programs capable of performing specified sets of tasks under the proper control of users. These types of applications do not need proper connectivity or network to assure proper operation or function. In addition, you can you all types of desktop applications with the help of local drive. However, all these applications use resources belonging to a particular network if remained attached to the same.

Web Applications

Other than desktop applications, we have gained our success in providing different types of web applications to our users. Web applications are suitable software using web servers, like internet to be delivered to online users. You can even operate web apps over intranet as similar to actions taken by many other business units waaorldwide. Major reason, which has enhanced the popularity of different types of web-based applications, is that widespread usage of online browsers as clients.

Comparison between Desktop Applications and Web Applications


You can easily access different types of web applications from your computers, devices and other locations possessing internet access. Specifically, travelers have obtained benefits from all these types of accessibilities and other related features.


Internet and computer users have to bear big risks when they deal with their internet or do different types of online activities. Irrespective of the secured condition of the host, such as web app, there exists a big matter of security risk to operate any application over internet as compared to operate on single computer or a desktop.

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